Chengdu International Schools Association (CISA)/成都国际学校协会


Chengdu International Schools Association (CISA)/成都国际学校协会

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As many of you may be aware, Chengdu Meishi International School is a founding member of CISA, a local organization of five international schools and a homeschooling community that is committed to providing opportunities for students, parents, and staff to participate in a wide-range of activities.

The Chengdu International Schools Association (CISA) believes that athletics, the arts and academics are indispensable aspects of each student's learning and growing process. Through these experiences we strive to promote and enhance friendships, cooperation and understanding among all people and cultures. CISA also believes that an integral part of achieving these goals is to provide educators with professional development and social opportunities.

Please familiarize yourself with the annual CISA event calendar and we hope that all students, parents, staff have the opportunity to partake in quality events that bring enjoyment and healthy growth for years to come.

Any questions about CISA and its organization, mission, or planning can be communicated to Meishi's CISA board representative, Robert King, by email at




如有任何关于CISA及其机构、任务或计划方面的问题,请与CISA在美视的代表,Robert King老师联系,电子邮箱是。
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