Meishi BBS - A New Communication Channel


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Meishi BBS - A New Communication Channel

Postby becktom » 2014-12-05 10:20

Dear Students,

The online communication channel based on the BBS (Bulletin Board System) for Meishi International Programs have been built. It is a new channel for students, parents, and Meishi staff to communicate online.

You may visit the main webpage of Meishi International Programs at to access the BBS module.

If you or your parents want to register on Meishi BBS, you are required to create your username which can be easily recognized by the Meishi community. It is highly suggested that you register and create your username by using first name.last name e.g. jack.chan

For new visitors who register on the BBS, either students or parents, you will not have permissions to post or make any comments until you are grouped into designated groups such as "Students" or "Parents" by the school I.T. administrators. Any new posts submitted by students will be published after being approved by the school I.T. administrators.

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